Anonymous asked:

do you have any fics where Castle and Beckett go on a date? like in ''Always''

castlefanfics answered:

By ‘Always’ date do you mean like their almost movie date?

I’ll do some specifically for that, and then some other general date fics as well. 

John Woo Movie Date:

What If? by Liv Wilder

Alternate Always by The Keddster 

I Choose You by skygirl55

John Woo and You by oneanddonekindofgirl

Stupid Mouth Shut by Polly Lynn

Some of my favourite general date fics:

All of It’s Not a Date by Dmarx. because they are totally dates. 

Paper Roses and Gumbo by brookemopolitan

Date Night by liviafan1

Tired of Waiting by TashaLaw

There’s No Rush by International08

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